It is my parental right to make a PSA daily!

There is a difference...

There is a difference between an Ass and an Asshole,  First is acceptable when paired with silliness and fun . Later is not welcomed at our house. 

You said it out loud!

Sometimes, silence is a bliss.  Please feel free to keep it bottled up until you had something to eat.  Hangry doesn't work well for you. You are spewing negativity in my perfect world. 

Your brother says... ( bro is a puppy name BB)

Delivery of my PSA is as important as my content.

BB would like you to be kinder. You are killing his vibe works better than  can you stop being an asshole.    BB  thinks you are being an Asshole works well too!  We have a good laugh and he get's the point.  ( dispense with caution and age appropriateness applies)

He can never be mad at his fluffy Bro. BB!